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All customers are required to show a Government issued Photo ID prior to boarding the shuttle.

Please be present 15 minutes prior to departure time, as we do leave on time.

Minor Travel/Parental Consent Form
Minors are required to show School ID or a photocopy of birth certificate prior to boarding. St. George Shuttle defines a minor as any passenger 12-17 years old. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Every minor is required to have a signed Parental Consent Form prior to boarding the shuttle. Parental Consent Forms are available for download here. Forms are also available for pick up at our office, or we can fax them to you. Car seats or booster seats are required on children ages 5 years and younger, and are not provided by the shuttle.

Refund Policy Fares are non-refundable and can be used as a travel credit good for up to a year from the date of booking. Travel Credits are applied only to reservations that are cancelled 24 hours prior to travel date. Any changes made within 24 hours of the scheduled travel date will be charged for a new reservation.

Change Fee
A change fee of $5.00 per passenger is required at the time changes are made to their reservation.

Passengers using any of our round trip services are allowed to park free of charge in our parking lot. Parking spots are available on a first come, first serve basis and can only be used for a maximun of two weeks.
To guarantee a parking spot, we have reserved parking available for $5 per day. Please call ahead to reserve this service.

Pet Policy
No pets are allowed to travel on the shuttle. Please read our policy here

Bicycle Policy
Bikes must be in a bike box provided by the passenger. There can be only one bike box per van. An additional $5 bike fee will be paid to the driver or The $5 fee can be paid over the phone or with our front desk staff at time of booking when not booking on line.

Luggage Policy
Each passenger is allowed to check 2 bags + 1 carry on. Any luggage in excess of 3 pieces will be $5 per additional piece. Please contact our office if you have additional luggage requirements, as arrangements do need to be made beforehand.

Bags and Packages Warning
Passengers and Employees are not to accept packages or bags for people to take on our shuttle on their behalf. IE: If someone requests you to take their bag/package for them on your trip as if it were yours and deliver it to another person and you don't know either of the individuals. This could be an attempt to traffic drugs, other paraphernalia, contraband or illegal black market items.